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Great Moving Tips

Moving from one home to another can be a time of great excitement. Here are a few moving tips that will help make your move smoother and more enjoyable.

Collect Boxes Ahead of Time

Collecting boxes ahead of time will alleviate any need to scramble at the last minute. A good tip is to collect more then you think you need. It's amazing how easy it is to under-estimate how much stuff needs to be packed.

Instead of purchasing boxes from a local moving center, try to find free ones around your community. The first place worth looking into is your local grocery store or LCBO location. These businesses have very sturdy boxes to deliver their goods and they are perfect for heavy or fragile items.

Another great place to check out is a local college, university or hospital. The receiving areas of these facilities receive shipments of food and supplies daily and will typically just throw out the boxes afterwards.

You can also try online classified ads on Kijiji or Craigslist. These websites give you the ability to post free online ads. You can post an ad that asks for spare boxes. If you do this option, it's important that you post your ad right after the first day of the month, as more people move at that time and will be looking to get rid of their boxes.

Keep Things Together

When packing, make sure you keep items together. For example, pack your all of your bathroom supplies together so that they are easy to locate. You don't want to waste time looking for a shampoo bottle that was accidentally packed with your music collection.

Label Your Boxes

It pays to be organized. Take the time to label your boxes with either a description of the content or the room that it goes into within your new home. You can either do this with a plain black magic marker or by using a colour coding system that assigns a particular colour to each room of the house. Either strategy will help you cut down on the frustration of not being able to find anything that you packed.

Pack A Moving Day Kit

On the day of the move you'll find that you need a few items throughout the day. It's good to pack a separate moving day kit that contains things like toilet paper, hand soap, a hand towel, Band-Aids, and disposable plates and paper towels.

Change Your Address

Before you actually complete your move you'll want to update you change of address with important businesses and organizations that you deal with. Here are some of the important ones to notify in Canada.

If you use these tips then your move will be more enjoyable and a little more effortless.