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Learn to run this summer

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Start with the shoes


The first step in learning to run is to start at your feet. A good pair of running shoes is a necessity, important not just for comfort, but also for preventing injury. Ask a staff member at a local running store to help you pick out the perfect pair of running shoes. Running Works (89 Gordon Street) is just a ten-minute walk from The Sovereign Apartments (66 Macdonell Street). You can also try the Running Room (Market Square East, 160 Kortright Road), less than a ten-minute drive from Kortright Apartments (79-83 Conroy Crescent).


Explore new trails


Now that you have new shoes, it’s time to give them a try. Explore the trails near your Guelph apartment this summer. Residents at Terrace Towers (125 Raymond Street) are only steps away from Silvercreek Trail. This scenic local path follows the river, winding its way to Royal City Park. The trail is about five kilometres in length.


Find a support system


Learning and maintaining a new type of workout by yourself is always difficult, no matter which activity you choose. Find a friend or join a running club to give yourself the extra support you need to turn running into a regular habit that you enjoy. You can find multiple running clubs, training programs and even virtual programs at the Running Room. You can also join an independent running group, such as The Guelph Victors.


Start small


Remember that learning takes time. Set small manageable goals as you get started. Download a running app to manage and record your runs. With a little dedication and hard work, you will be amazed at your progress.
There is no better time to start running than today. The blog team at Williams and McDaniel hopes that today’s post helps jumpstart you towards your new running goals. For additional information about their Guelph apartments, simply visit their website.


Start Swimming in Guelph

Young boy or kid has fun splashing into pool after going down water slide during summerThe summer months bring heat and sunny weather that make swimming the perfect escape. Swimming can help you beat the heat, get some exercise and have fun socializing with others. Young or old, anyone can enjoy the benefits of swimming and dipping into a pool of refreshingly cool water.  Our preferred property management company, Williams and McDaniel, offer Guelph apartmentsthat are conveniently located near a variety of pools and community centres. Today, we’ve compiled some places to go to make a splash and get started swimming.

Regency Court Apartments

Regency Court Apartments has a pool for residents of Williams and McDaniel Property Management. Situated in the heart of Guelph. It is an ideal building for seniors. It is a short walk to down town Guelph. Close to all amenities. great for walks in the park. Secured entrances with ramp. Two elevators, manicured lawns with park like setting. Secure underground parking with building access. Onsite Social room for small parties.  Less than 10 minute walk to the Evergreen Senior Center.

Victoria Road Recreation Centre

 This recreation center offers amenities that include three multipurpose rooms, a lounge, an arena and a pool. If you are planning a party or a playtime with the kids, both the arena area and the rooms are available for rent or reservation by calling (519) 837-5621. The center’s 50-metre long pool has 6 lanes and there is free parking on site. Located at 151 Victoria Road North, the Victoria Road Recreation Centre is a 6-minutes car ride and 40-minute walk from the Guelph apartments that Williams and McDaniel offer.

West End Community Centre

 For those looking for a place to take the kids when the heat gets to be too much, the West End Community Centre is an ideal option. Located at 21 Imperial Road South, the West End Community Centre is a 7-minute car ride from Williams and McDaniel’s apartments. This multipurpose community center is fully accessible and offers a full range of different facilities that include a splash pad for the kids, a twin-pad arena, a gymnasium and an indoor rink. If you’re looking for something less physical, the community center also features community meeting rooms and a library.


YMCA-YWCA of Guelph


Located at 130 Woodland Glen Drive, the YMCA-YWCA is a 13-minute car ride from the apartments and is accessible by the Guelph community bus, which drops you off right at the door. For more information on the bus routes visit the City of Guelph’s website. Membership for the YMCA-YWCA includes the use of their facilities, squash courts, pool and various programs that the club offers. If you are interested in joining or have any question regarding sign-up and fees, please call (519) 824-5150 or visit their website. Open swimming is available for all members and countless other amenities are provided as well.


When the heat gets to be too much and you are looking for a place to cool off, visiting a pool is a convenient option. Load up the car with goggles, your swimsuits and water toys and look forward to a refreshing dip in some crisp, cool water. Set in the countryside of Guelph, Williams and McDaniel’s apartments offer easy access to downtown Guelph and community centers filled with everything you will need to get active and away from the heat. For more information on Williams and McDaniel’s properties, please click here.