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Where to buy unique furniture in Guelph

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The Abbey Interiors and Boutique


You know you can find a unique piece of furniture at this boutique. The Abbey (39 Brock Road South) is nestled in a building that was once a church. This shop specializes in one-of-a-kind home furnishings, both old and new. If you would like to visit this locally owned store, drive fourteen minutes from Terrace Towers (125 Raymond Street). The Abbey is open daily and also by appointment.


Pioneer Fine Furniture


Pioneer Fine Furniture (7246 Wellington Street) sells locally crafted solid wood furniture. You can find beautiful pieces for your bedroom, dining room and living space here. As one of Guelph’s oldest family-run businesses, this store has a long-running reputation for top quality products. To get here, walk less than ten minutes from Park Towers (131 Raymond Street). This store is closed on Monday and Wednesday but open the rest of the days of the week.


Accents for Living


Redesign any space in your apartment with a visit to Accents for Living (8 Brock Road). This chic shop boasts a team of design specialists who can help you handpick a new furniture piece that you will love. The store is just over a ten-minute drive from Terrace Towers and is open seven days a week.


Time After Time
If you are trying to stick to a budget this month, opt instead to purchase consigned furniture. Some local stores, such as Time After Time (666 Woolwhich Street), sell high-quality pieces that you can’t even tell were previously used. This boutique shop is open daily and is only a two-minute drive or ten-minute walk from Regency Court Apartments (316 Kathleen Street).


As a decorative centerpiece that you use every day, furniture plays a very important role in every home. Williams and McDaniel hope today’s post helps you find a great piece of furniture you can appreciate for years to come. For more information about their Guelph apartments, visit their website today.




Creative & practical uses for whiteboards and blackboards in your Guelph Apartment

apartments for rent in Guelph, decorating, Guelph Apartments, Apartments Guelph, Apartments for Rent in Guelph, Guelph apartment rentals, Apartments in Guelph, Apartment rentals in Guelph, Guelph Apartments for RentWhether you’re looking for a way to lay out the busy week ahead of you, planning meals for the next few days or want to use them for educational purposes, whiteboards and blackboards are a great tool. Not only are they eco-friendly because they don’t waste paper, but they can also double as a décor item in your apartment. Get organized and on the ball by creatively putting these boards to good use in your Guelph Apartment. To help residents get the most out of them, our preferred property management company, Williams and McDaniel, has put together some practical uses for your boards.



Using your whiteboard to brainstorm will open up a space where you can let your ideas flow freely and you can visually connect with them. Boards can be used for both business and personal projects including realistic DIY home improvement projects that you want to tackle in the coming weeks or upcoming weekend, ways to modify that recipe to make it just right or which activities would be best suited to keep your little ones happy and healthy. Get crafty with your whiteboard and create this ‘Say Yes’ DIY Framed Whiteboard. Visit Wyndham Art Supplies located at 12 Wyndham Street North to pick up all the supplies you’ll need for the DIY. The Sienna Apartments, Belle Ayre Apartments, Regency Court Kathleen Apartments and Regency Court Speedvale Apartments are less than five minutes away from that store, while the Kortright Apartments are less than 10 minutes away.


To-Do Lists

Having your to-do list right in front of you, in your apartment’s kitchen or common areas, can act as a constant reminder of things you need to accomplish. Keep a record of projects you want to start and a goal for when they should be completed. With a clearly set goal in mind you’ll be more likely to follow through and stick with the project rather than abandoning it. Use the blackboard or whiteboard as a space to outline grocery lists, mark down potential sales that you want to take advantage of and spring cleaning tasks that need to get done. This ‘In Progress’ Chalkboard Cleaning List breaks down tasks on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. You can apply this same method to tasks other than cleaning and watch as they are quickly checked off.


Family Menu and Meal Scheduling

While you can use your chalkboard or whiteboard to plan out weekly events, you can also use it to figure out what meals are in store for the week or for the day. If more family members are out a certain night of the week, save that day for a relaxed meal and leave the large pot roast or lasagna for a night where everyone will be attending. The ‘Kitchn’ blog offers up 5 Chalkboard Ideas for Meal Planning that will outfit your apartment in organized style. Once you’ve decided on the week’s meals, pick up the necessary ingredients at Metro located at 500 Edinburgh Road South. The Driftwood Apartments, The Diplomat Apartments and Inverness Apartments are less than a 15-minute drive from the store and the Pioneer Apartments and Terrace Towers Apartments are less than six minutes away.


Chore Charts

Give your kids their chores in a fun way by writing them on your blackboard or whiteboard. Outlining the chores they have to do and giving them an opportunity to be rewarded, either with a gold star or candy, will have them excited to do their chores. Once they’ve completed a task let them cross it off the list. The ‘Lisa Dagley’ blog offers up a creative chalkboard entry way idea, while the ‘Our Fifth House’ blog opts for a larger, full-sized DIY chalkboard creation. Both options are ideal for infusing blackboard creativity into your Guelph Apartment. Michaels located at 28 Pinebush Road is a 26-minute drive from the Cherryblossom Apartments, Juniper Apartments and Maplewood Apartments and the Executive Suites, The Sovereign and Park Towers Apartments are a 20-minute drive from the store.


Incorporate whiteboards and blackboards into your Guelph Apartments by taking some of these suggestions into consideration. With a variety of properties available in Guelph, Williams and McDaniel is sure to have a rental option that will fit your lifestyle and your needs.



DIY art for kids


Let your creative siapartments guelphde shine when it comes to decorating your little one’s room. Make arts and crafts time more exciting by making colorful masterpieces that can adorn their walls. Using DIY decorations will give kids a chance to paint up a storm and allow parents to minimize decorating cost. Get your painting smocks, brushes and pencil crayons ready because today on the blog, our preferred property management company Williams and McDaniel has compiled some crafty creations for you and your kids to make.


Print Making


Fill that empty wall space with some works of art handmade by the kids when you try your hand at this ‘Modern Parents Messy Kids’ Printmaking Tutorial. These prints are extremely easy to produce and even your toddler can help out with this paint-filled project. Things may get a little messy, but the finished result will bear a striking resemblance to prints that you can purchase in store. However, you can achieve yours without spending a large amount of cash, while spending quality time with your little one. For all the materials and paint supplies, visit Michaels located on 15 Woodlawn Road West or Wyndham Art Supplies on 125 Wyndham Street North. Williams and McDaniel’s Driftwood apartments, Pioneer apartments, Inverness apartments, Park Tower apartments and Belle Ayre apartments are all less-than a 10-minute drive away from both stores.

Nature-Inspired Cut Outs

 Decorate ceilings, walls and surfaces in 3D fashion with the ‘Bright Eyes + Blue Eyes’ Butterfly Collage. While this DIY project does suggest embellishing the exterior of walls in the shape of a majestic winged creature, you can simply substitute in the shape you want. Stars, flowers or lightning bolts are just some of the alternative forms you can choose from.  To get started, you will need paint, canvas, watercolor paper, paper punch and adhesive pop dots. It is also worthwhile to look into glow-in-the-dark paint so that your kids can enjoy their artwork just before bed. These ingredients are all available from Michaels, which is less than a 30-minute walk from the Regency Court – Speedvale apartments, Sienna apartments, Regency Court apartments Kathleen and the Executive Suites.

Melted Crayon Art

 The ‘Miss Make’ Melted Crayon Art is a double duty DIY. First, it allows parents and their children to recycle the bits and nubs of crayon that have accumulated over the years. Second, it creates an artistic explosion of color on canvas that will brighten up the walls.  The Kortright apartments and Cherryblossom apartments are less than 10 minutes away by car and The Sovereign apartments are a four-minute walk from Wyndham Art Supplies were you can pick up the crayons and canvas you need for this craft.

Board Game Boxes

Before you get rid of old board games or ones that are missing a few pieces, try making the ‘Infarrantly Creative’ Board Game Storage art. This project consists of placing your beloved board games in something similar to a shadow box and hanging it on the wall for a whimsical look. Adorn your kid’s walls with family game night classics like Candy Land, Monopoly and Snakes and Ladders. This DIY craft is also a great way to store board games that you haven’t played in a while, but can’t bring yourself to get rid of. Simply put the board in the shadow box and tack the assorted player pieces and dice on the back in a Ziploc bag.  If you want to create this craft from new board games, Walmart located on 11 Woodlawn Road West is less than a 10-minute drive from the Diplomat apartments, Terrace Towers apartments, Maplewood apartments and Juniper apartments. The store is always fully stocked with a selection of new and timelessly classic board games.


Get your little ones involved in decorating their rooms because you may discover some hidden talents and be the proud owner of art work that is truly priceless.



Mixing and matching summer patterns in your apartment


Patterns are a great way to express individuality and style within your apartment. The process of picking mix and match patterns and matching designs and patterns is a unique and personal decision with no strict guidelines that need to be followed. However, it is always nice to have patterns that complement each other and add depth and personality to an apartment. If you are looking for the best ways to mix and match summer patterns in your apartment, here are a few tips to help you get started.

Stripes, prints and floral patterns are a great way to add a little character to your living space. It is important to get the right combination between your prints and patterns. One way of achieving this is to work with a color palette that will ultimately unify all of your home accents and décor. If there is a particular object or décor item that you love, this is also a great place to gain inspiration. Beginning with something like a vase, lampshade or quilt, you can begin to find alternative patterns that successfully complement and work with it. The main object or pattern that acts as an inspiration for the rest of the room is generally called a “lead.” Make sure that the lead pattern or item is something you love and will inspire rather than compete with other patterns in the room. To best avoid this, contrasting patterns should be kept to a minimum within individual rooms.

While some may hesitate to include more than one pattern in their apartment, it is nice to have a variation of patterns that will add depth and a unique feel.  Design experts suggest that there should typically be three patterns in any space. This makes the resulting space more interesting and vibrant. If you find that three patterns are too overwhelming, there are other alternatives that can be used to create a stylish look. Picking out a solid color from the original lead fabric and incorporating texture will give the illusion of added patterns without the use of an additional pattern.

When embracing the variety of patterns available, it is helpful to balance tiny prints and patterns with bolder and more geometric patterns. For example, bold animal prints would be best paired with solid colors with texture, while making sure that they fall within the same color palette or theme. The ‘Making It Lovely’ Guide to Mixing and Matching Patterns in a great resource for advice concerning pattern combinations. The Guelph Apartments managed by Williams & McDaniel will start you off with a classic neutral color scheme, which will allow for a lot of design flexibility and creative potential. In the summer months, the more popular patterns are usually floral and bursting with vibrant colors. Make sure to note which patterns work together to create a cohesive look, such as small polka dots, stripes and florals or chevrons, small florals and solids.

To enrich any room, include pillows, decorative jars or duvets that will also add a pop of color to the atmosphere. For decorating inspiration and additional tips on picking and matching patterns, visit the Home.com blog. With these tips you can bring your own personal touch to these stylish and high-quality apartments. For more information on Williams & McDaniel’s Guelph apartments, click here.