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Discover new music at Incline Decline

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If you’re considering attending Incline Decline, you’ll be happy to know that one of the festival’s main venues, The Making-Box Theatre (40 Baker Street), is just 2.5 kilometres from one of Williams and McDaniels’ secure, high-rise apartment buildings — Regency Court Apartments (316 Kathleen Street). That’s only a five-minute drive or 25-minute walk. Some of the acts at this venue include experimental lo-fi dance group, New Chance, 80s punk band, Teenager, and surfy-psychedelic group, Battlewülf — along with about about a dozen more acts over the four-day span.


Just down the street is another primary venue, Jimmy Jazz (52 Macdonell Street), which is just over one kilometre from the riverfront Park Towers (131 Raymond Street). This venue will be hosting Brooklyn-based JOBS, as well as Toronto’s rock/soul/eletcro blend, Germaphobes, and London’s dreamy indie-rock group, SM.


The festival, which runs July 15-18, is a grassroots initiative supported by volunteers, donations and ticket sales. If you’re interested in buying a ticket, making a monetary contribution or putting in some hours yourself, you can visit their Facebook page.
Whether you live in the nearby Regency Court Apartments or Park Towers, our preferred property management company, Williams and McDaniel, hopes you soak up all the festival fun the summer has to offer.