Our best tips for studying

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Congratulations! You’ve worked hard, you’ve studied hard and you’ve made it into a good school. That’s the good news. The other news is that the hard part is just beginning. You know that you can study hard, this week’s post from the Williams and McDaniel blog team is about studying effectively. Here are few tips for developing a rock solid study plan and making the most of your time in Guelph.


Make a study plan

Avoid the stress and ineffectiveness of last minute cram sessions by creating (and sticking to) an effective study plan. It may seem, at first like you are giving yourself more work, but it will keep you organized and keep your mind at ease. Best of all, if you follow it, you will avoid the sinking feeling of walking into an exam unprepared. It’s all about preparation.


Find an effective place to study

When you study in the same location, day after day, your body and mind become trained. You begin to associate the location with studying, and while you are in that location you are prepared to work. Find a location to study that works for you. One location may work for you but not for someone else. You may need a little background noise, while someone else may need total silence. Wherever your study location is, it should be free from distraction. When you find your spot, stick to it. The University of Guelph Library is a good spot to try, and only a 13 minute bike ride from Park Towers (131 Raymond Street, Guelph)


Form a study group

Studying in a group isn’t a substitute for studying alone. A study group can be an effective supplement to your study schedule. Different individuals may have a better grasp on sections of the material you are studying. By pooling resources and playing on your strengths, each individual member of the group makes the group stronger as a whole.


Take a break

This doesn’t mean giving yourself permission to stop studying and go the movies. Taking regular and scheduled study breaks can be an effective, even essential tool for studying. Structuring study breaks into your study schedule will help ensure optimum focus and processing of information.
You’ve worked very hard and you’ve been accepted to a great school, don’t accept less from yourself now. The blog team at Williams and McDaniel hopes these study tips help you through the next few years. For more information on Williams and McDaniel rental properties in Guelph, please visit our website.