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Where to buy unique furniture in Guelph

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The Abbey Interiors and Boutique


You know you can find a unique piece of furniture at this boutique. The Abbey (39 Brock Road South) is nestled in a building that was once a church. This shop specializes in one-of-a-kind home furnishings, both old and new. If you would like to visit this locally owned store, drive fourteen minutes from Terrace Towers (125 Raymond Street). The Abbey is open daily and also by appointment.


Pioneer Fine Furniture


Pioneer Fine Furniture (7246 Wellington Street) sells locally crafted solid wood furniture. You can find beautiful pieces for your bedroom, dining room and living space here. As one of Guelph’s oldest family-run businesses, this store has a long-running reputation for top quality products. To get here, walk less than ten minutes from Park Towers (131 Raymond Street). This store is closed on Monday and Wednesday but open the rest of the days of the week.


Accents for Living


Redesign any space in your apartment with a visit to Accents for Living (8 Brock Road). This chic shop boasts a team of design specialists who can help you handpick a new furniture piece that you will love. The store is just over a ten-minute drive from Terrace Towers and is open seven days a week.


Time After Time
If you are trying to stick to a budget this month, opt instead to purchase consigned furniture. Some local stores, such as Time After Time (666 Woolwhich Street), sell high-quality pieces that you can’t even tell were previously used. This boutique shop is open daily and is only a two-minute drive or ten-minute walk from Regency Court Apartments (316 Kathleen Street).


As a decorative centerpiece that you use every day, furniture plays a very important role in every home. Williams and McDaniel hope today’s post helps you find a great piece of furniture you can appreciate for years to come. For more information about their Guelph apartments, visit their website today.