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Creative & practical uses for whiteboards and blackboards in your Guelph Apartment

apartments for rent in Guelph, decorating, Guelph Apartments, Apartments Guelph, Apartments for Rent in Guelph, Guelph apartment rentals, Apartments in Guelph, Apartment rentals in Guelph, Guelph Apartments for RentWhether you’re looking for a way to lay out the busy week ahead of you, planning meals for the next few days or want to use them for educational purposes, whiteboards and blackboards are a great tool. Not only are they eco-friendly because they don’t waste paper, but they can also double as a décor item in your apartment. Get organized and on the ball by creatively putting these boards to good use in your Guelph Apartment. To help residents get the most out of them, our preferred property management company, Williams and McDaniel, has put together some practical uses for your boards.



Using your whiteboard to brainstorm will open up a space where you can let your ideas flow freely and you can visually connect with them. Boards can be used for both business and personal projects including realistic DIY home improvement projects that you want to tackle in the coming weeks or upcoming weekend, ways to modify that recipe to make it just right or which activities would be best suited to keep your little ones happy and healthy. Get crafty with your whiteboard and create this ‘Say Yes’ DIY Framed Whiteboard. Visit Wyndham Art Supplies located at 12 Wyndham Street North to pick up all the supplies you’ll need for the DIY. The Sienna Apartments, Belle Ayre Apartments, Regency Court Kathleen Apartments and Regency Court Speedvale Apartments are less than five minutes away from that store, while the Kortright Apartments are less than 10 minutes away.


To-Do Lists

Having your to-do list right in front of you, in your apartment’s kitchen or common areas, can act as a constant reminder of things you need to accomplish. Keep a record of projects you want to start and a goal for when they should be completed. With a clearly set goal in mind you’ll be more likely to follow through and stick with the project rather than abandoning it. Use the blackboard or whiteboard as a space to outline grocery lists, mark down potential sales that you want to take advantage of and spring cleaning tasks that need to get done. This ‘In Progress’ Chalkboard Cleaning List breaks down tasks on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. You can apply this same method to tasks other than cleaning and watch as they are quickly checked off.


Family Menu and Meal Scheduling

While you can use your chalkboard or whiteboard to plan out weekly events, you can also use it to figure out what meals are in store for the week or for the day. If more family members are out a certain night of the week, save that day for a relaxed meal and leave the large pot roast or lasagna for a night where everyone will be attending. The ‘Kitchn’ blog offers up 5 Chalkboard Ideas for Meal Planning that will outfit your apartment in organized style. Once you’ve decided on the week’s meals, pick up the necessary ingredients at Metro located at 500 Edinburgh Road South. The Driftwood Apartments, The Diplomat Apartments and Inverness Apartments are less than a 15-minute drive from the store and the Pioneer Apartments and Terrace Towers Apartments are less than six minutes away.


Chore Charts

Give your kids their chores in a fun way by writing them on your blackboard or whiteboard. Outlining the chores they have to do and giving them an opportunity to be rewarded, either with a gold star or candy, will have them excited to do their chores. Once they’ve completed a task let them cross it off the list. The ‘Lisa Dagley’ blog offers up a creative chalkboard entry way idea, while the ‘Our Fifth House’ blog opts for a larger, full-sized DIY chalkboard creation. Both options are ideal for infusing blackboard creativity into your Guelph Apartment. Michaels located at 28 Pinebush Road is a 26-minute drive from the Cherryblossom Apartments, Juniper Apartments and Maplewood Apartments and the Executive Suites, The Sovereign and Park Towers Apartments are a 20-minute drive from the store.


Incorporate whiteboards and blackboards into your Guelph Apartments by taking some of these suggestions into consideration. With a variety of properties available in Guelph, Williams and McDaniel is sure to have a rental option that will fit your lifestyle and your needs.