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Spring Cleaning Essentials

spring cleaning, guelph spring cleaning , Guelph Apartments, Apartments Guelph, Apartments for Rent in Guelph, Guelph apartment rentals, Apartments in Guelph, Apartment rentals in Guelph, Guelph Apartments for RentWith the warmer months comes spring-cleaning, a task that many of us would rather avoid. However, with the proper materials and supplies spring-cleaning isn’t such a daunting task and it can be completed painlessly in a short amount of time. For those who are looking to get a jump on decluttering their Guelph apartment, our preferred property management company, Williams and McDaniel, has compiled some spring-cleaning essentials you won’t want to go without.


Dusting Gadget

For those dust bunnies that don’t seem to want to vacate the premises, you’ll need a solution that can reach those hard-to-reach places. Outfitted with a microfiber cloth and a handle that extends three feet and pivots into four positions, the Swiffer Duster is a great product you’ll want on your side when it comes to cleaning.


Re-sealable Plastic Bags

The possibilities are endless when it comes to the using these re-sealable wonders. Use them to store those tiny bits and pieces for assembling furniture, stash your travel-sized toiletries to ensure they don’t spill while in storage or store kitchen supplies in them. You can also use them to repackage and marinade meats, pipe frosting and store loose items — like tea bags and oatmeal packets.


Label Maker

Bring your organizational skills to a whole new level by purchasing a label maker. Simply type and print labels to mark what each cabinet holds, where linens go in the closet, to distinguish phone cords from laptop chargers and even to label which switches correspond to lights. Pick up your own personal label maker at Staples located at 20 Woodlawn Road East. The Regency Court Kathleen Apartments, the Sovereign Apartments, Cherryblossom Apartments and Executive Suites are all less than a 10-minute drive from the store.


Packing Blankets & Surface Protectors

Whether you’re transporting or storing large items, packing blankets will ensure that your prized possession will move unscathed. You can also place them under boxes to make them easier to move and avoid damaging your apartment’s floors. Another option, if you’re thinking of moving your furniture around or would like to avoid indentations in the carpet, is surface protectors. These little creations will protect floors, tabletops and any other surfaces you place them on.


Handheld Vacuum

Pick up dust from the tightest of spaces with a portable and lightweight handheld vacuum. Home Depot located at 63 Woodlawn Road West currently sells a huge selection of vacuums and are bound to have one that fits your needs and your budget. The Park Towers Apartments, Terrace Towers Apartments and Pioneer Apartments are all an eight-minute drive from the store.


Microfibre Cloths & Washcloths

If you have kids you’ll understand how easy it is to wind up with fingerprints and smudges all over your walls, electronics and tables. Remove these pesky eyesores using microfiber clothes that are delicate enough to clean computer screens, stainless steel appliances and any other surfaces.  Use fewer paper towels and sponges by investing in a washcloth. Use them to do your dishes, wipe up spills and clean almost any surface. It is best to purchase white washcloths in bulk and to avoid the coloured ones, as they tend to bleed. Drop by Walmart, located at 11 Woodlawn Road West, to pick up these cloths and any other clothing supplies you may need. William and McDaniel’s Inverness Apartments, Regency Court Speedvale Apartments and Sienna Apartments are all a three-minute drive and less than 30-minute walk from Walmart.


Homemade Cleaners (Baking Soda, Distilled Vinegar)

For an inexpensive and effective household cleaner simply combine baking soda with a little water to form a paste. Use this to brighten silverware, eliminate odours in the bathtub or trashcan and as a scratch-free cleaner. Distilled vinegar combined with water makes for another economical multipurpose cleaner. Put it to use disinfecting floors, bathrooms and cleaning glass and don’t worry about the distinctive smell — it will disappear as soon as the liquid dries.


Oxygen Bleach

Keep your clothes and linens vibrant by using oxygen bleach, an environmentally safe alternative. You can either add it to the wash to brighten whites and colourfast colours or soak whites in boiling water and bleach before putting them in the laundry.
Get ahead of spring-cleaning by stocking up on some of these essentials and creating some in your apartment. Located on 689 Woolwich Street, 693 Woolwich Street, 79-83 Conroy Crescent and 14 Home Street, Williams and McDaniel’s Guelph apartments offer residents a prime location conveniently surrounded by the finest amenities.