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Great Apps for Apartment Living


apartments guelph apps When it comes to living with roommates, chores, bills and sharing groceries has the potential to create tension. Technology can play a key role in keeping your house organized, your bills paid and your refrigerator stocked. Within reach are a variety of online tools and mobile applications that will ease roommate tensions and keep household responsibilities at the forefront. Today, our preferred property management company, Williams and McDaniel Property Management has researched some applications and online resources that will make living with roommates in your Guelph apartment a lot easier.


Often when you are living with roommates, the brunt of household responsibilities usually fall on a few people. Make sure everyone does their fair share of work around the house, like taking out the trash and unloading/loading the dishwasher. Say goodbye to chore charts and post-it notes because the Upsees app is an easier and more effective solution. This simple tool is quite similar to ChoreBuster, but it is not specifically targeted at people who are living together. The app works for any group that shares tasks and requires reminders on a regular basis. Everyone’s responsibilities are visible to everyone in the group at all times. After the task has been completed, Upsees automatically reassigns it to the next person in line and lets them know. The app also keeps track of how many tasks each member has completed, so that members can give out stars to recognize a job well done or an anonymous nudge to motivate, if necessary. In addition to the website, Upsees also offers a mobile site that you can access from your smart phone.


 For roommates who like to split food and share meals, the OurGroceries app is a helpful resource for creating shopping lists. Both people need to download the app and enter the same email address on the setup screen to access one joint account. This allows you to make shared grocery lists. The app updates in real time, so if you’re shopping together and something is crossed off the list, it will update the other person’s list in seconds. No more duplicates or shortages of household items. This tool is an ideal option for roommates who have opposite schedules. OurGroceries is available for iOS, Android and Blackberry platforms.




Money can often be a difficult situation to broach with your roommates, but it is important that bills be paid on time with the correct amount of money coming from each person. Splitwise is a great resource when it comes to splitting bills and IOUS with friends, family and roommates. This app is free for web, iPhone and Android and will ensure everyone gets paid back and is not wrongly out of pocket. All data is stored in the cloud and can be accessed anywhere on almost any device. Trying to figure out what is fair in terms of money owed can sometimes lead to disagreement, but in conjunction with Splitwise’s app they also provide mediation advice through their “fairness calculators.” These calculators turn crowdsourced data into a neutral fairness opinion about the particular situation you are currently facing. For example, Splitwise’s rent calculator will tell you how to split the rent fairly based on the size of the room, bathrooms, and closets among other specifications.


Using these apps and online tools may help eliminate tensions and troubles encountered when it comes to apartment living. For those who are currently looking for a place to rent, Williams and McDaniel offers an assortment of beautiful apartment communities in Guelph that are guaranteed to be a perfect fit. Choose from locations like the Terrace Towers, Cherryblossom Apartments and Belle Ayre Apartments and enjoy the stunning and serene beauty of Southwestern Ontario.