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Mixing and matching summer patterns in your apartment


Patterns are a great way to express individuality and style within your apartment. The process of picking mix and match patterns and matching designs and patterns is a unique and personal decision with no strict guidelines that need to be followed. However, it is always nice to have patterns that complement each other and add depth and personality to an apartment. If you are looking for the best ways to mix and match summer patterns in your apartment, here are a few tips to help you get started.

Stripes, prints and floral patterns are a great way to add a little character to your living space. It is important to get the right combination between your prints and patterns. One way of achieving this is to work with a color palette that will ultimately unify all of your home accents and décor. If there is a particular object or décor item that you love, this is also a great place to gain inspiration. Beginning with something like a vase, lampshade or quilt, you can begin to find alternative patterns that successfully complement and work with it. The main object or pattern that acts as an inspiration for the rest of the room is generally called a “lead.” Make sure that the lead pattern or item is something you love and will inspire rather than compete with other patterns in the room. To best avoid this, contrasting patterns should be kept to a minimum within individual rooms.

While some may hesitate to include more than one pattern in their apartment, it is nice to have a variation of patterns that will add depth and a unique feel.  Design experts suggest that there should typically be three patterns in any space. This makes the resulting space more interesting and vibrant. If you find that three patterns are too overwhelming, there are other alternatives that can be used to create a stylish look. Picking out a solid color from the original lead fabric and incorporating texture will give the illusion of added patterns without the use of an additional pattern.

When embracing the variety of patterns available, it is helpful to balance tiny prints and patterns with bolder and more geometric patterns. For example, bold animal prints would be best paired with solid colors with texture, while making sure that they fall within the same color palette or theme. The ‘Making It Lovely’ Guide to Mixing and Matching Patterns in a great resource for advice concerning pattern combinations. The Guelph Apartments managed by Williams & McDaniel will start you off with a classic neutral color scheme, which will allow for a lot of design flexibility and creative potential. In the summer months, the more popular patterns are usually floral and bursting with vibrant colors. Make sure to note which patterns work together to create a cohesive look, such as small polka dots, stripes and florals or chevrons, small florals and solids.

To enrich any room, include pillows, decorative jars or duvets that will also add a pop of color to the atmosphere. For decorating inspiration and additional tips on picking and matching patterns, visit the blog. With these tips you can bring your own personal touch to these stylish and high-quality apartments. For more information on Williams & McDaniel’s Guelph apartments, click here.